News Update - Stay Safe

Due to public demand we are starting another online puppy class on Thursday 21st January, which will run on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm – 7.45pm for 6 weeks. Total cost is £100. Ring us now to book a place. 


We are also starting an online follow on training class for dogs who know the basics and would like to learn more, including some tricks.  First class will be on Wednesday 27th January at 7.00pm.  Contact us for further details.


At the moment although we aren’t allowed to do any face to face training with people during lockdown, either in a group setting or on a  1-2-1 basis, we do understand that there are lots of you out there who have decided to get a new puppy recently and are looking for some help to get you started with their training.


Puppies start to learn when they are very young and you will obviously want to get them off to a positive start so that they don’t develop bad habits through lack of direction. Nobody really knows when this current lockdown will end and we will only be able to resume face to face training if York is put back into Tier 2, so rather than wait and hope, why not do some online training with us now to get them off on the right track?


You don’t need to leave your house, so you can stay safe, your puppy doesn’t need to have had all their vaccinations, and equally it doesn’t matter if your pup is older than 18 weeks.


Alternatively, if you have specific issues that you want to address, we can do an online 1-2-1 session with you. An hour’s session costs £75.


Both classes and 1-2-1s include written follow-up notes afterwards, and with the group classes you also get access to training videos of the behaviours that we have covered each week.