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When we first got our puppy, we were terrified. We had a dog, but had adopted him fully trained and neither of us had brought a puppy up or worked on any training. 

We managed to get on with Jim and Belinda, in online puppy classes and oh my gosh. I cannot explain how integral they were to the beginning of our puppy's life! 

Not only have we been able to train him in usual tricks and obedience, but the classes meant we had time to really bond with him. Belinda was so clear and helpful in her instruction, with then the added bonus of being able to ask for specific support. Seeing other puppies in their training process made us feel like we were all in it together. 

I cannot recommend their classes enough and cannot wait for lockdown to be over to allow us some one on one time with them and our little (or not so little anymore!) Archie. 

Thanks 4 Positive Paws, Lauren and Dave. 

Lauren and Archie

Just wanted to thank you very much for the puppy training classes. I really enjoyed each class and Roy and I learnt a lot!

Anna and Roy 

Carrie was living in Ireland and although very affectionate to people, was no longer wanted. She was taken to the pound, where she had seven days to live unless someone rescued her. Fortunately, on her last day, she was offered a space at a Welsh rescue centre. I saw her on their website and drove the 600 mile round trip to adopt her as a companion to my older black Labrador. She arrived in Yorkshire un-housetrained, in season, with kennel cough and lacking any basic skills whatsoever. She was also aggressive to all other dogs, probably because she had been left outside all her life and hadn't been socialised. I immediately contacted 4 Positive Paws for some professional advice and joined their training class and agility sessions, to teach her new skills, to socialise her, and above all to give her the fun that she clearly had not had all her life. She has improved amazingly and now has several good doggie friends, and the help and patience of all involved in her 'core group' at 4 Positive Paws has given her the new start she deserved.

Watch Carries story here

Linda and Carrie

Many thanks to Belinda and Jim for getting Roxy's training off to a flying start. I took the option of a 'one 2 one' prior to the 6 week puppy training course. This provided me with a revelation in terms of handling Roxy, how to gain her attention and what to expect from her. The results were amazing, in only minutes she was mastering many basic commands, and from there on in I knew of her capabilities. It also gave me great tips on how to handle 'puppy' exuberance, biting and so on. We both enjoyed the 6 week course which followed enormously, during that time we were able to build on Roxy's training in a fun and relaxed way. I would highly recommend the 'one 2 one' though as a starting point with a new pup (and a novice owner!). Belinda and Jim are a professional duo, whilst being approachable and good fun, you can see that they simply love what they do! 

Sarah and Roxy

Many thanks, we found your visit and advice really helped in understanding Ruby better. She played wonderfully with another dog the other day on a walk; she was off lead and also came back when called.

Christine and Ruby

Many thanks to Belinda and Jim for the fantastic 121 sessions with our puppy Dave.  With your initial help and guidance we feel he has had the best start possible.  We booked his first session when he was 14 weeks old and in minutes he had mastered so many basic commands.  We were amazed at how much their little brains soak up, and not to mention the fun that it was.  After only a few sessions we were walking Dave confidently down to the local field.  What could have been a quite trying time in owning a new pup has been thoroughly rewarding thanks to the training you have given us.  Dave has come on in leaps and bounds in such a short time, so much so he's had his first holiday to the Lake District

"It's coming up to 2 years since you helped us with training our new puppy 'Dave'.  It's his second birthday on Saturday and he is the most fantastic dog!  He's had numerous holidays to The Lakes, camping and staying in lodges, which he loves!  He loves his walks and is fantastic off the lead (when appropriate)! He has numerous doggy chums who he enjoys walking with.  All in all we have a very happy, well behaved dog who we adore and he adores us.  Hard to believe how quickly those 2 years have gone but thank you both again for the excellent start you gave us with Dave."

Kate, Sharron and Dave