Any Questions?

Here you will find a list of commonly asked questions

What sort of training methods do you use?

All our training uses positive reinforcement, where your dog is rewarded for good behaviour and for choosing to do what you have asked it to do. This means that we do not allow the use of any punitive techniques such as choke/check chains (full or half), prong collars, remote collars, water sprays, or any physical manhandling of your dog that might cause pain or discomfort.

Does my dog need to have all its vaccinations before coming to a class?

You should always check with your vet before deciding when it is safe to take your dog out after its injections, however we are happy to have a dog in our classes after its first injection provided you carry it from your car into the hall, as the other dogs will have been fully vaccinated and we check vaccination certificates before the first class.

How old does my dog need to be before it can do agility?

As a general rule your dog should be at least one year old before it can use all our agility equipment. This is to avoid the possibility of any over exertion while it is still growing.

What happens at a 1-2-1 training session?

With 1-2-1 training, we come to you to work on specific issues that have been previously discussed with us. We then send you comprehensive follow-up notes so that you don’t have to try to remember everything that we say during the session.

Can I bring other family members to a class or 1-2-1?

Yes, we actively encourage as many family members to be present as possible if they are going to be involved in looking after and training your dog, but please let us know in advance who is going to be present.

What if my dog is in season?

We do not allow dogs that are in season into our training classes or our agility sessions.

What type of lead should I use?

You will find it much easier to work with your dog on an ordinary flat lead during training or agility, rather than an extendable one.

How can I pay?

Full payment must be made in advance of any individual training session or set of classes.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, BACS payments or cash.

Is there parking?

Both our training venues have parking available – please ask us for further details.