I can ...

New sessions to progress your dog’s training, including:

I can - use my nose 

For you and your dog to work together as a team, doing active searching.

I can - learn new things 

For you and your dog to have fun together and build a bond.

I can - be calm 

For you and your dog to work on improving your relationship and focus


The aim of these sessions is for you and your dog to have fun, and to progress your training at your own rate.

They will also teach you to recognise:

                When you need to change your criteria

               How to recognise your dog’s body language

               When your dog needs a break


Who are these classes for?

These sessions are exclusively for dogs that have worked with us already, whether in classes or through 1-2-1 training.

The classes are not suitable for dogs that have guarding issues, dog to dog, or dog to human reactivity.

By prior arrangement it may be possible for you to bring two dogs to a session and alternate their participation, however please note that as we will be coaching other people and dogs so we will not be able to look after your other dog for you while they are waiting.


What do I need?

A flat lead (no extendable or slip leads).

High value rewards for your dog.

For ‘I can use my nose’ you will need at least three scented objects for your dog to search for - cat nip or sage seem to be odours that dogs enjoy searching for. If you intend to get your dog to search for food you will need to place it in a small article that can easily be opened, and that will allow the dog to still be able to smell the food.  



Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm – 8.30pm.

Cost is £15 per dog per session, payable in advance.

Availability is limited.

Call us on 07913 581967 to book your place.